Our History

1980s and 1990s

  • Partners In Research Canada began as London Citizens For Medical Research in the late 1980’s in response to attempts by the Animal Rights Movement to stop the use of animals in any way – including medical research.
  • The Mission of London Citizens for Medical Research was to publicly recognize the invaluable role of animal models in past medical and scientific progress AND to support the humane use of animals in research
  • Partners in Research grew from this early beginning to defend research, give researchers courage to talk with pride about their work and their contributions to society
  • Partners In Research later ceased its advocacy role and focused solely on education
  • The goals of Partners In Research were:
      • To provide evidence based information about health research
      • To build and strengthen partnerships with the research community and health related organizations
      • To encourage researchers to communicate publicly about their research
      • To stimulate interest in and encourage the pursuit of health related research particularly among the young
      • To celebrate the achievements of Canadian health research
  • As a not for profit, charitable organization Partners In Research advanced its mission through gala “Evening” events aimed at education and fundraising


  • Work began to bring researchers into schools and to develop a curriculum package to offer to teachers
  • Essay contests to engage students and awards to recognize teachers and researchers increased the perceived value of Partners In Research to the education sector
  • The use of technology to offer “virtual” visits of researchers to classrooms signalled the beginning of the “Virtual Researcher On Call” (VROC) program


  • Partners In Research became the legal name of the charitable organization in November of 2014
  • Partners In Research Canada now operates 4 educational programs:
      • Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC) is a teacher driven national program, partnering with over 30 universities and colleges and generating thousands of interactions between researchers and students from Kindergarten to grade 12
      • PIR Live Event is a weekly interactive webinar series for K-12 students featuring interviews, demonstrations and virtual tours with researchers from across Canada
      • Sanofi Biogenius Canada is a biotechnology for competition for high schools students who complete a project of their own design while working in the lab with a mentor researcher
      • Delta is a program that provides curriculum packages focused on the elementary science and technology curriculum in Ontario. Delta uses storytelling, inquiry, experiential learning and virtual mentorship to help bring the curriculum alive
  • Partners In Research Canada also operates the Partners In Research National Awards that recognize and honour excellence in Canadian research as well as commitment to promoting the benefit of one’s research through public outreach.