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The Delta Program brings storytelling, inquiry, experiential learning and mentorship together to support student learning of Science and Technology in Ontario elementary schools



Storytelling provides a powerful setting for investigation. The authors have considered how each lesson is driven by the story and have provided story ‘hooks’ that provide relevancy.


Our aim is to provide a scaffolded approach to becoming an Independent learner and true problem-solver. From Grades 1 through 8, the authors have designed the activities to gradually release responsibility from teacher to student. Perspective changes across grades, from immediate and personal issues in the early years to larger, sometimes Global, issues in the Intermediate grades

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning requires critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.  It is only natural that mistakes happen during the course of learning, and using experiential learning is  like going to a playground, and having fun, trying new things and learning, in a safe controlled environment. By moving beyond theory to the realm of “learning by doing,’ students get first hand experiences practicing what has been taught.  This plays a crucial role in retaining concepts and ideas.


Partners in Research has amassed a database of researcher-experts from across Canada that are willing to interact with your students via videoconference. Please refer to instructions for how to contact an expert with your Delta Program Manager.

The Delta Program offers a set of interactive curriculum resource packages that focus on grade 1-8 Science and Technology in alignment with the curriculum standards of the province of Ontario. These packages feature an experiential learning component supported by live interactive expert mentorship through videoconference.