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The Delta Program offers a set of interactive curriculum resource packages that focus on grade 1-8 Science and Technology in alignment with the curriculum standards of the province of Ontario. For each grade level a set of curriculum resource packages are offered. These packages work from a base story for each of the elementary grade groupings (primary, junior and intermediate). Each curriculum resource package features an experiential learning component, highlights the use of student inquiry and is supported by live interactive expert mentorship through videoconference.

How This Works:

Review the various curriculum resource packages offered by grade level and download any / all that you would like to have and use. You are free to use the curriculum resource packages in a manner that best meets the needs of your class.

There is no cost to access and use these curriculum resource packages for teachers in Ontario however we ask that you not share the downloaded packages directly but instead direct colleagues to download the materials themselves.

Each curriculum resource package has a number of recommended researchers from Canadian Universities to connect with your class via videoconference to enhance the learning and discovery in the package. Partners In Research will provide you an account to the Zoom Videoconference platform or, if you prefer, you can use another platform (Skype, Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect etc.) as long as the researcher is able to accommodate that.

Grade 1          Grade 2          Grade 3          Grade 4          Grade 5          Grade 6          Grade 7          Grade 8