Grade 2

Primary Story – Sam and Alex Help The Forest

Sam and Alex Help the Forest is a rhyming story arc consistent with the reading level of the audience. The story is about the Forbidden Magical Forest where 2 children disobey and enter. The lessons centre around the Characteristics & Needs of Living things.  In this level Community is introduced to the students making them aware of their immediate surroundings in their Communities.

2.01 – What Animals Live in Our Local Environment?

Sam and Alex were asked to help the animals of the forest that are in danger. Before doing so, they must come up with a list of all the creatures that might live there. Sam and Alex need to help the forest, and you need to help them!

2.02 – How do Sam & Alex Compare to the forest animals?

Sam and Alex have been asked to help the plants and animals in the forest because of some unknown danger, but Sam and Alex also live in the forest! How do you think humans compare to other animals? How do you think we are similar or different from other animals that share the forest with us? In this activity, we will find out!

2.03 – How are Animals Represented in Myths and Legends?

In the story, Sam and Alex meet a few different creatures, including the wolf and the coyote. These animals, along with many others, often appear in myths and legends, particularly in those related to First Nations.

2.04 – How Do Different Animals Grow and Change?

In the story, Sam and Alex have been asked to help the animals in the forest. The day after their mysterious meeting with the wolf, coyote, and other creatures of the forest, Sam and Alex realized they had a lot to learn! “Do all animals grow the way we do?” asked Sam.

2.05 – How are Animals Adapted for Survival?

In their first visit to the forest, Sam and Alex met several different animals, all of which make the forest their home. Different animals have different characteristics that help them to survive and reproduce. In this activity, we are going to choose an animal, and look at ways that it is adapted to survive.

2.06 – How Do Animals Help Us? What Harm Can They Do?

In the story, Alex and Sam are warned against going into the forest. It is true, there can be plants and animals that are dangerous to humans if we do not take precautions.

However, animals also do a lot of good things for humans! In this activity, let’s take a look at how animals can affect humans, in both good and bad ways.

2.07 – How Do We Impact Animals?

In the story, Sam and Alex accidentally hurt a plant by stepping on it. Without meaning to, people often have both positive and negative impacts on plants and animals in nature. In this activity, students will help Sam and Alex to understand some of these impacts that people can have on animals.

2.08 – Summative: What’s Wrong with the Forest?

At the start of this unit, the class read the story of Alex and Sam and the forest that they investigated. They found out from some unusual plants and animals that the forest was not well, and the plants and animals were in danger. In this activity, students will look back at the important things that all animals need to survive (food, shelter, adequate space, water) and determine what they think was wrong in Alex and Sam’s forest. They will then design and build their own diorama showing the healthy forest, and ways in which an animal of their choosing meets its needs.