The Award

The PIR Mathematics Ambassador Award recognizes a Canadian researcher, his or her outstanding body of work over a period of time which has contributed to the field of mathematics, and their promotion of this research to the Canadian public.

Nomination Information

Nominations for the Award can be submitted by a Dean, Vice-President (Research) or their equivalent, from any Canadian research institute, hospital or post secondary institution. Only one nomination from any given institution and/or affiliated hospital will be accepted. Call for nominations are sent in the fall with an application deadline in mid January.

Nomination Requirements

A nomination must consist of:

  • A maximum one page letter that describes the research contributions of the nominee and the potential impact of the contributions to the quality of life of Canadians
  • A maximum one page document describing the outreach activities of the nominee, including participation in public educational programs
  • Curriculum Vitae of the nominee
  • Additional letters of support, with a maximum of three letters



A carefully chosen panel selected from the academic community within the research area will adjudicate each nomination.


Past Recipients

Dr. Peter Taylor 2013
Dr. Lynda E.C. Colgan 2014
Dr. Robert Smith? 2015