Hour of Code 2018

Hour of Code & Computer Science Education Week (December 3rd-9th, 2018)

Partners In Research Canada has you covered for Hour of Code! We’re presenting 5 free webinars during the week, at various times of day and for various elementary and secondary grade ranges. Click the images below for more information and free registration – participate live, and/or watch the webinar recordings afterward.

Pour les webinaires en français, cliquez ici.


Grades 1-8: (Cross-curricular Storytelling with Scratch)

Mr. Carlos Roque and his grade 5 students from Waterloo, Ontario will demonstrate and discuss how to use Scratch for learning and collaboration in any subject area. The students will take the lead and share their experiences including how they work with Scratch, how they use coding to address curriculum topics, and what they think about learning this way!

Grades 1-3:

Coding and Computer Science is all around us! Dr. Aaron Langille will join us to share tips on where to look for the Computer Science around you, how to get started with coding, and why you might like it!

Grades 4-6:

Renée Higgins was pursuing Biology when she took 1 university course in Computer Science that completely changed her career path! 10 years later, Renée is a web developer who has created mobile apps, games, and web pages! She’ll share why she fell in love with coding, including the basics of how it works and what you can do with it.

Grades 7-8:

Ali Kokulu joins us from George Brown College to discuss what roles exist in the video game industry and how algorithms and AI are used in video games. How do the enemies know when, where, and how to attack your character? How can you create an endless game? Join us to find out!

Grades 9-12:

Admit it – when you think of a computer scientist, you likely picture someone who spends their nights playing video games or interpreting binary streams that cascade across their monitor – but computer science is more than the collection of wires and circuits that make up a computer. In this webinar, Dr. Daniel Gillis will share several examples of community-engaged computer science projects to demonstrate how students can use computer science to improve life.


Can’t join us live?

Register anyway to receive an email 1 day after the scheduled broadcast with a URL for viewing the video recording on YouTube. To increase your involvement, you can submit questions in advance via email to liveevent@pirweb.org. We’ll include as many questions as possible during the webinar so your students can see and hear the answers when you watch the video recording. If you let us know where the question came from, we’ll be sure to give you and your students a shout out!

Looking for more coding videos?

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Looking for upcoming webinars?

You can view the schedule of upcoming webinars here. Join live, or register to view the recording afterward!