Suplemental Resource Archive


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Supplemental Resource Archive

Beginning in 2019, most PIR Live Events are presented along with a PDF file with links to additional information and questions to guide student learning. These PDF files are listed below so you may download and use them when watching a PIR Live Event webinar recording. Whenever possible, activities are designed with ‘kitchen chemistry’ in mind so they can be performed by elementary or secondary students with minimal requirements for personal protective equipment.

Video recordings of previous PIR Live Events are available on the Partners In Research YouTube channel.

2019-05-29: Anxiety

2019-05-15: Adaptation and Evolution

2019-05-09: Bringing rangers and scientists together to understand insects in South Africa

2019-05-01: Migration

2019-04-25: Overview of Indigenous history from an archaeological perspective

2019-04-16: Immunity Warriors: Invasion of the Alien Zombies

2019-04-09: Mercury Element Seen in a New (Synchrotron) Light

2019-03-26: Volcanoes

2019-03-19: Vampire Plants

2019-03-05: Climate Change

2019-02-28: Farming For a Sustainable Planet

2019-02-20: Concussions

2019-02-11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2019

2019-02-06: Star Formation

2019-01-30: Stable Structures

2019-01-23: Forensic Science & Synthetic Blood

2019-01-16: Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

2018-09-18: Making Craters (hands-on astronomy activity)

2018-05-17: Forensic Science (hands-on fluids activity)

2018-05-16: FREDsense (hands-on water quality activity)

2017-09-18: DNA Extraction From Fruit (hands-on DNA activity)


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