Award History

The Ronald G. Calhoun Science Ambassador Award recognizes a member of the lay community who has provided outstanding leadership over several years in support of health research.

The award is named in honour of Dr. Ronald G. Calhoun, the first Executive Director of Partners In Research, who has been a champion in educating the public about the importance of health research. More information about Dr. Calhoun can be found on the PIR website.

Nomination information

Nominations can be submitted by a Dean, Vice-President (Research) or their equivalent, from any Canadian research institute, hospital or post secondary institution. Members of the community can also submit nominations. Call for nominations are sent in the fall with an application deadline in mid January.

Nomination Requirements

A nomination must consist of:

  • A letter that describes the contributions of the nominee and the impact of their contributions in advancing health research
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume of the nominee
  • Additional letters of support: a maximum of three letters



Selected members of the health sciences community will impartially adjudicate the nomination.


Ronald G. Calhoun Science Ambassador, Past Recipients

Ms. Maureen McTeer, Ottawa
Dr. Ronald G. Calhoun, London

Biomedical Science Ambassador Award (Lay Category), Past Recipients

Dr. Robert Thirsk, 2015
Janice C. Filmon, 2014
Dr. James Low, 2013
Ms. Maureen McTeer, 2012
Dr. Ronald G. Calhoun, 2012
The Children’s Health Foundation, 2011
Peter & Eva Foustanellas, 2010
Ms. Carol Herbert, 2010
Mrs. Shirley Greenberg, 2009
David R. Williams, 2008
Mrs. Dorinda Greenway, 2007
Ms Shirley Westeinde, 2006
Max Keeping, C.M., 2005
Sara and Zeev Vered, 2004
Ms Heather Fisher, 2004
Ms Jacquelin Holzman, 2003
Mr. Rick Gallop, 2003
Mrs. Miggsie Lawson, 2002
The McIntyre Family, 2000
Mr. David Hill, 2000
Mrs. Marvelle Koffler, 2001
Mrs. Patricia Guyda, 1999
Joseph L. Rotman, 1998
Felipe Gomes, 1998
Pierre Berton, 1997
The Davidson Family – Jesse’s Journey, 1996