VROC Expert Participation Award



Partners In Research (PIR) is a registered Canadian charity founded in 1988 with a mandate of increasing public understanding and support for health research. In recent years, PIR has broadened its scope beyond biomedical and health research to also include the disciplines in natural science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

One of PIR’s successful educational programs is the Virtual Researcher On Call (VROC) program. This program allows Canadian STEM experts to connect to classrooms in the spectrum from elementary to secondary levels, through live interaction utilizing sophisticated videoconferencing and other web-based technologies

The Award

The VROC Expert Participation Award recognizes one outstanding VROC expert who has selflessly volunteered their time and shared their expertise to inspire students through the VROC program. Call for nominations are sent in the fall with an application deadline in mid January.

Award Process

The VROC Expert Participation Award is granted to the expert who has the most combined hours of volunteer participation in the VROC program

  • After being identified as the awardee, teachers and students with whom the candidate has connected through the VROC program will be contacted for impact statements
  • Impact statements will also be submitted by the VROC Program Manager


Past Recipients

Dr. David Lesbarreres, 2015
Dr. Brian Dixon, 2014
Dr. Craig G. Merrett, 2014
Dr. Thomas Merritt, 2013