Young Researcher Ambassador Award


The Award

The PIR Young Ambassador Award recognizes exemplary and impactful outreach education efforts and research promotion/communication leadership benefiting Canadian elementary and secondary school students and/or the general Canadian public by a Canadian graduate student, Post Doctoral Fellow, assistant professor within 5 years of their appointment or similar

Nomination Information

Nominations can be submitted by a Dean, Vice-President (Research) or their equivalent, from any Canadian research institute, hospital or post secondary institution.  Only one nomination from any given institution and/or affiliated hospital will be accepted per award category. Call for nominations are sent in the fall with an application deadline in mid January.

Nomination Requirements

A nomination must consist of:

  • A maximum one page letter that describes the research contributions of the nominee and the potential impact of the contributions to the quality of life of Canadians
  • A maximum one page document describing the outreach activities of the nominee, including participation in public educational programs
  • Curriculum Vitae of the nominee
  • Additional letters of support, with a maximum of three letters


A carefully chosen panel selected from the academic community within the research area will adjudicate each nomination.